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Jennifer has shown that eating healthy, natural raw food doesn’t have to be boring, expensive or complicated. Jennifer’s Insanely Simple! Salads For Beginning the Raw Food Journey is not just for beginners. It is a great resource for anyone who has limited time in the kitchen, is on a limited budget, or wants new healthy ideas. ~ J.P.

This book helped me open my mind to the possibilities of new combinations using the same vegetables I love in exciting ways.  ~J.W.
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I want you to know that Jennifer has a very informative e-book with recipes that can help you lower your blood pressure.  The e-book not only contains recipes, but she adds tidbits of information about the foods that are used in the recipes.  She has well over a 100+ recipes that you can try.  If you have high blood pressure or you know someone who is struggling with this condition, please get your hands on this book.  You’ll be so glad you did!  ~E.P.

The recipes were delish! ~Anon.

The recipes are great, simple and include few and inexpensive ingredients for the most part. ~Jo 

I am very interested in your new E-book.  I love raw fruits and veggies! ~T.

You have inspired me in so many ways and still continue to inspire me.  What a blessing it is to have you in my life.  I have decided to try a vegan lifestyle in the hopes of reversing my diabetes.  ~Leah E.
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Browsing through your blog- Great! I'm learning a lot. Love these recipes. ~poiema

Hi Jenn, I just came across your blog and LOVE your simple salad recipes. Yum! ~Erin

would love to have a copy of your eBook. ~Tori

Thanks for the book offer, that is such a blessing! ~Tracey C.

I am looking forward to seeing your book. ~Katie

I would like to eat more raw too!!!  LOVE your blog and your faithful heart! ~Heather

LOVE your blog!!!  I would like to eat MORE raw!!! ~Heather
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 I love all the motivation you share with others!! ~Jenn

Your site is very educational. ~Shannon

Love, love your blog. ~blessing 

You have a very nice blog. ~Robin

I'm going to download your book, it sounds useful. ~Anne G.

Your tips are always something I need to think about. ~Pam

That looks so good!(re: Broccoli Tomato Salad) ~Cascia 
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Great job!! Keep it coming. ~Mary F.

The veggies are bouncing off the page beckoning me. ~Leah

I love salads, looks like a great book! ~tornadotwos

Keep up the great work! ~Terri

I love this type of information! ~bcm

What great information you've got here! ~ShesW9