Insanely Simple! Salads For Beginning The Raw Food Journey


This book was written to show that incorporating more raw foods into your menu plan is Insanely Simple!

Here's part of the introduction from the book:

You’ve read the articles. You’ve seen videos. You’ve purchased the books. You’ve heard the testimonials. You’re convinced that incorporating more raw foods into your menu plan is the way to go. Your mind is made up but… and there is a BUT; but the idea of eating a huge bowl of lettuce every day for the rest of your life holds no appeal. Your experience with salads may have been limited. You might be thinking that it’s too much hassle.

I love preparing foods and when we started to incorporate more raw foods into our menu plan I faced the same challenge – needing more than a big bowl of lettuce every day to please my taste buds and make them sing and little to no hassle. There are those who love lettuce and can eat it several times a day by itself with nothing else and be in pure bliss. I on the other hand like variety and have two sons and a husband who though they’re not complainers and will eat whatever I give them – like variety too. There are those who have the time and are willing to spend hours in the kitchen. I also love the kitchen but I am not willing to spend hours preparing every meal. I’ve found that incorporating more raw foods into our menu plan is so simple that it’s insane! That’s the reason for this Insanely Simple! Salads eBook. It is written to show just how fun and simple eating more raw foods can be.

In this book you will find a sampling of the salads that we’ve enjoyed. My desire is that you would enter into that limitless realm and enjoy your journey to eating optimally. This INSANELY SIMPLE! Salads book was written to help spark your own creativity in preparing salads which are a necessary part of an optimal healthful eating plan.

The recipes in this book have been prepared in my kitchen and been eaten by our family so they’ve passed the taste test. Using these recipes in rotation put us and I hope will put you well on the way to enjoying salads which are a necessary part of any menu plan for optimal health. It is after all INSANELY SIMPLE!

From my kitchen to yours,

Jennifer C. Valerie (Fruitfulvine2)