Eating the same food day after day is likely to get boring and tiring and spending hours in a kitchen is just not feasible for many. Thinking up recipes using the foods that you know about also can be a tedious job.

The Insanely Simple! series of e-books are written with this in mind. I have done the research as to what foods help with different ailments. A huge time saver for you there. I have come up with many recipes that you can prepare using these foods. Another huge time saver for you.

In these e-books you will find many recipes using the various foods found to deal with particular diseases, saving you the time to have to think up how to prepare these foods. Rotate the recipes on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and your taste buds won’t get bored.

I’ve also made them really simple. Each recipe contains few ingredients which makes it very easy and quick to prepare - hence the name of the series – Insanely Simple! Another excellent time saver.

Be blessed as you use these books to gain and maintain optimal health for you and your loved ones.